Hello fellow stackers. My name is Gerrit, and this is my first post on SN. I am planning a motorcycle journey through Africa to take a first-hand look at how Bitcoin is impacting the continent. My plan is to start in South Africa, and meander my way North. I hope to learn how adoption in Africa can be accelerated, and document my journey along the way. From what I've gathered thus far, Africans are primed to adopt Bitcoin, and stand to gain more than almost any other region in the world.

If you are interested in this project, then I'd love to see your sats so that I may gauge the community's general interest in this adventure. Cheers to you all!


Sounds like an awesome project, will you be documenting your learnings on Twitter or SN? If you want to be a guest author on our site, documenting your journey, we'd be more than happy to have you on :) FYI I am from South Africa

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Will pay sats for quality documenting of the journey!

Oh, I love diary- style post series!!!! So many early internet vibes & memories!

Thanks a lot! I'd be more than happy to be a guest author with you guys. I'm also from South Africa :)

Great, DM us on Twitter or mail us when you're ready and we can get you set up with an author account

You better follow up on this first message, just made it rain a 1000+ sats on you ;)

Thank you, and I sure will!

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where do I signup! can't wait to hear from your trip!

Hey Bumi! You'll see updates on my Twitter as we approach early 2023

You should get in contact with Anita Posch, she's been working in Africa for a long time and surely has some good insights for you. Safe journey.

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Sounds rad. LFG

Thank you for this <3. So perfect.

Good luck man! Sounds like the dream.

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Tweets, SN posts, blog posts and Podcast appearances are highly appreciated.

PS: can't find you on Twitter. Where else to follow??

Noted! I had to update my Twitter handle. It is @gvansat.

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Really? I can't find it!

yikes, that was a typo - it's @gpvansat

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Cool! I hope you make it easier to be followed across different media once you start your journey!

Bicycle would be better.

Keep fit, easy to fix, stay humble.

Its a big continent too... How long is your planned trip?

Bicycle would be better.

Idk man, Africa is huge and additional train infrastructure often sparse.

Keep posting here your journey. We will pour sats to you :)

Anyone interested can follow me on Twitter - @gvansat! The journey is set to commence no sooner than early 2023. I'm amazed at the response here. Thanks for all the love!