The post is kind of begging... Bitcoin is all about proof of work. So next time show us some proof of work first.
But let's push this even further. I am a beer drinker too. I know I am risking to be scammed with a new anon SN account.
I don't want to know who you really are, I don't care too much. I care more for bitcoin adoption.
So... let's make an experiment - push it forward. (@sn maybe this could be another cool daily post)
  • find a bar that accept Bitcoin, near you - see
  • ask to pay over LN for a beer
  • take a screenshot of the QR invoice, or share it here
  • record a video or at least some pictures of the whole process and share them here
  • we will pay for your beer.
I did this with a lady from, UK, paying her coffee in a bar. And this was how she was onboarded into Bitcoin! I said to the coffee shop owner: I will pay in sats the coffee for the first customer that enter and doesn't have sats to pay it. And I did it! Then this lady created a nice webpage about this idea
I'm in.
I think I will make a new meta post just for this. Seems that this post was lost in the SN history.
Best way to move things: do it yourself!