I think many stackers here will approve: Andreas Antonopulous
Even that now he's quite shitcoiner supporting ETH and shit, he' still remain a very good pioneer into Bitcoin education.
I wish were more OGs out there like @jimmysong and @petertodd and many more having presentations like Andreas, but they kept a quiet low profile during the early years.
But anyways... my 1st encounter with Bitcoin and WHO convinced me wasn't Andreas, but my old friend Obi Wan Kenobi... see my bio for more details.
i agree. after understanding bitcoin with more recent voices and authors, i went back to Andreas 2013-2016 talks.. before all the noise his message was already so powerful and captivating
Yes, before all the noise and inflooencers and 'crypto' - he was clearly and slowly teaching people.
Agree. He's legit the OG! But he wasn't the person who was the first catalyst though for me
Nice! Yeah he's good!