OP asks a technical question on reddit.

I give a long thoughtful answer.

OP deletes the post and replies to my aswer: "!lntip 86"

The lntip bot on reddit only works if you tip >100.

Such a useless app. SN for life baby!


Reddit has decayed each year. The mods have ruined many aspects but overall the algorithm has been changed and subs banned for a decade now. It's not anything it used to be.

Also, as bitcoiners you have to find content you appreciate to actually like and want to give away sats. This place is much more useful in terms of content you can find and quality. Reddit has been pretty much copy pasta for a while now.

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I have grown high “karma” accounts on reddit multiple times. Then get disgusted with the hivemind and start fresh bc “karma” literally doesn’t matter lol

Agreed. SN is legit and run by actual bitcoiners.

Reddit has become infested with random crypto speculators chasing fiat gains.

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nothing to stop them from coming here eventually once SN becomes a big enough audience. Will be a difficult problem to solve.

They will absolutely come over here but that's because SN is clearly the better platform.

What makes SN such a game changer is that there's a cost to post, upvote, and use the platform. Just like on-chain miner fees were originally designed with the intention of reducing spam, "interaction fees" here on SN will reduce and potentially eliminate bad actors from the platform.

Once the masses migrate over here, I think the fees to post, comment, upvote, etc will rise to deal with spam bots and trolls.

Super bullish on SN and adding a cost to use the platform.

In the future, I think blocking people on social media will be replaced with a paywall and you can set a price to be be trolled.

I got banned on Reddit for anti-england truth, and get this, the lntip founder narc'ed on me when I messaged him from a new account to release my stuck sats in the lntip balance of the banned original account. Reddit then banned the new account as well.

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Should SN subs have mods like reddit?

Here on stacker news spam/trolling actually costs something, even if it can be as low as one sat. I guess one the thing that the developers can implement is a way to "punish" people for bad behaviour by setting a minimum amount of sats higher and higher every time they misbehave. Remember that, most of the time, moderation is needed because the energy (or cost) to post is zero

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Maybe. That could be configured per sub...

Reddit has been dying a slow death due to the way they handed moderators power to curate and manage content. These other social media apps using 3rd party hacks ain't going to cut it compared to bitcoin first applications.

LOL, indeed mods on reddit are such useless... Welcome to the freaking new family!

I participated in modding r/Miami for a while. As the pandemic progressed the other mods got more and more woke and agitated by conservatives. I got removed from modding because they called it antisemitic for someone to compare the lockdowns/mandates to Nazi Germany and I very exuberantly called bullshit on that entire narrative.

Lol, what you are describing still sounds like the best possible scenario on reddit