Hello everybody! Gzuuus here, how is everything going here?
As an enthusiastic hardware developer, BTC and LN lover I'm trying to develop some prototypes to build a functional PoS that uses LN and allows you to receive payments easily anywhere.
I closely follow great contributors to this ecosystem like Ben arc with his amazing projects (https://github.com/arcbtc), the incredibly useful guides of @DarthCoin (Hi Darth👋) and all those people who are creating and expanding this beautiful free and open source community.
Inspired by the recent and brand new Bolt card from the guys of coincorner, and Ben's great LN PoS FOSS project (https://github.com/arcbtc/LNPoS) I was wondering if there is any project that allows you to have NFC functionality on a LN PoS so we can develop our own NFC cards based on LNURL-withdraw and play around a bit.
The idea is that it is a piece of hardware independent of the mobile phone that follows the principles of the standards proposed and collected by David Coen in his github repo (https://github.com/theDavidCoen/LNURL-withdrawPOS) to create an ecosystem where we can all use our NFC cards and spend our satoshis freely.
I think Ben's project is a good starting point (https://github.com/arcbtc/LNPoS) since it is based on ESP32 as core and nowadays there are many modules to read/write NFC cards like the PN532 module (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/nxp/data-sheets/PN532_C1.pdf), the question would be how to integrate it in the LNPoS to read the LNURL-withdraw of the NFC card and process the payment.
I look forward to your comments and responses, let's expand this and keep buidling ⚡⚡
You could do the whole Lightning PoS + NFC with a cheap Android phone with NFC support. Here's one for $120.
If you want to add more cool stuff, check out the magtag from adafruit. It has the ESP32-S2 and a small grayscale E-Ink display. It also comes with buttons, four RGB leds, a small speaker, a light sensor, triple-axis accelerometer, and more stuff. And the cool thing about it is that the screen remains on even if there's no power!. You only need power to change what's displayed. It's easily programmable through USB with any computer.
Wouldn't that just work automatically in LNPoS if you connect the NFC module? Especially with M5 Stack I think it would start accepting the NFC input as soon as you are in the scan mode.
I guess we need someone to try it... :)
Hi looking at the same thing and wanting to expand. Could we do a Twitter spaces to talk it out. Find it helps to develop ideas, great use case in Africa as an offline option NFC . DM me @JW75430533