We now support lightning addresses. In supporting wallets (I tested Breez and Wallet of Satoshi), you can send your SN wallet sats by sending to <username>@stacker.news, e.g. k00b@stacker.news.

Note: I haven't added UI hints that you can fund your wallet this way yet, but the ability to send is there.

lmk if you run into any issues.

CC @nout


Here's an SN post promoting this feature:

Do you have a Lightning Address yet? Every account on Stacker.News does https://stacker.news/items/7882

Is it in roadmap to export at least the xpub, to be able to monitor the wallet with read-only?

For me, nothing specifically. But for example, for someone that would like to use SN as their outlet for broadcasting news (like a "real" reporter), I'd imagine they would like to be able to monitor their balance from their wallet app.

Your SN wallet is a lightning wallet not an on-chain one. But because it's custodial, it's not even a lightning wallet - it's a virtual lightning wallet. All users share a single lightning wallet and SN has a record keeping layer for the amounts of each user.

In the future, when we're non-custodial, your SN balance will be your lightning node's balance so there won't be a need to export anything.

What problem would that solve for you?

Any plans on being able to withdraw to LNURL addresses? Right now, it seems to require an invoice...

Tried from Breez to bataroot@stacker.news. Worked great!

You are crushing it @koob 🤘

Love it! Worked on Phoenix as well. At first it said 'Service not reachable', but on the second try worked in an instant!

Thank you for your work @koob!

That is really, really cool.

Worked for me from Wallet of Satoshi.

Didn't work from Breez for me. 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT.

Now it worked. Thanks for this improvement @k00b! LN evolves with incredible speed.

The issue looks to be caused by us connecting to lnd over tor. I'll probably switch to clearnet in time for availability reasons but for now this might continue to be an intermittent issue.

I go the same error just now but it worked on retry. There might be an intermittent bug. I’ll troubleshoot when I have internet again

You are crushing it.

thank you for your service

do you even sleep @koob?

Nice work and thank you. Would it be possible to have a message on the /wallet page, so that new comers (who will likely miss this post) are aware of the feature?

That’s the plan. Good eye

Maybe this would be good on the profile page (e.g. https://stacker.news/g4ala) - it would be probably really cool if there's a section on top that shows what is the authors Lightning Address and have a button to copy it, etc. Maybe it could also have a donation QR after clicking on some button there?

Exactly. That’s part of what I want on profiles

So eventually could we use SN as a Lightning wallet as well?

Wow, that was quick! Thank you sir!

edit: Confirmed that it works from Breez :)