All accounts on Stacker.News automatically come with a Lighting Network ⚡ wallet, along with a corresponding Lightning Address, in the format of: <nym>@Stacker.News

For example, my Lightning Address here on SN is: Cointastical@Stacker.News

Having a Lighting Address makes it possible for most anyone using Lighting Network ⚡ to send some sats to your LN wallet on Stacker.News, without you having to do anything. (Not all LN wallets support Lightning Address yet, but many, like BlueWallet, already do.)

Your Stacker.News wallet does not yet support sending sats to a Lightning Address, but you can transfer sats to another LN wallet where sending using Lighting Address is supported, such as BlueWallet,, or the many other LN wallets which do support Lightning Address.

If you need to pay a LN Invoice (e.g., to add funds to another of your LN wallets, such as your CoinOS wallet, or want to use LN for making a purchase on BitRefill, or something like that, your LN wallet here on Stacker.News lets you Withdraw and pay that LN invoice you provide.


This a is really nice feature! Just did a 10 sat test from phoenix wallet.. Boom arriva :)

Just a reminder:

Your Stacker News wallet is suited for the low amounts typical for someone using Stacker News, such as holding a small balance of some sats so you can upvote, post, and comment.

But your LN wallet on Stacker News does not have security features that are typical (and expected) with a wallet app or service where you would transact and store your funds (e.g., two-factor auth).

For instance, if you use Twitter to login to your Stacker News account, then if your Twitter account ever gets hacked, that hacker can then withdraw your sats from your Stacker News wallet.

So please be aware of this when using your SN wallet for anything beyond a small amount of sats.

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the cool breakdown! And I guess I should add 2 factor auth!

Brilliant, just sent 14 sats from BlueWallet to SN without a hitch.

This is really nice! More info about lightning adress can be found here:

Here's the October 2021 announcement for this Lightning Address feature going live:

SN release: lightning address support


Stacker News now supports withdrawing to a Lightning address.

And here's another list of services that may support Lightning address:

Just saw a net way to identify a Lightning address as being a Lightning Address:


The "⚡" before the nym helps to differentiate it from being an e-mail addres.

This was shown in a Tweet by Alby, and can be seen from this post here on SN:

Here's a Tweet that shows other services that provide a Lightning Address as well:

ZEBEDEE CoinOS Bitrefill LNTXBOT LightningTipBot

And a more comprehensive list is here:

Lightning Address - Wallets Supported