Voting is not the problem. Responsibility is the problem. Nobody is taking responsibility for their actions (as elected administrators).
Will not be a problem with politicians / elected administrators if they will take full responsibility for their actions (including cutting their head literally).
Once they know that will respond with their head, you will see how few will come to be "elected"...
You see, people see the elected politicians, govs members as somebody to govern over them, when in fact is the way around: we put them to administer our money, not to give us orders. THEY ARE OUR BITCHES and they are the ones that should SERVE US.
I could see some use cases for this app. Voting is NOT only for politicians.
For example: a local community vote for who will build a road and how much money are needed, who will administer the construction etc.
But again, comes the responsibility. And that is simple: A FUCKING CONTRACT. Do you want to be elected to administer the construction? Fine. Sign here the contract and be responsible for any damages (stipulated in the contract). Including to cut your fucking head if is needed.
The only thing that would restore a fraction of my faith in voting.
How can one be sure that votes are not bought or forced?
Voting in person behind a screen where no one but you knows what you're voting on is impossible to force.
Eletronic Voting
No. This can and will be abused.