We have just shipped Torq version 0.4. Check it out here: https://github.com/lncapital/torq#run-with-docker.

With Torq you can changes to a channel policy such as the fee rate, HTLC limits or when a channel was enabled/disabled. You can also see how your node has performed over time and how balanced a channel has been during any given timeframe.

Torq subscribes to all type of events that you cannot get back in time, so by installing it you will build up a valuable database of events.

Hope you like it and we would love your feedback on it. Join our telegram channel here if you need help installing it or have questions: https://ln.capital/telegram

Dashboard: Torq Dashboard

Channel View Torq Channel View

Events: Torq Events

Sources and destinations Torq Sources and destinations

By giving it 10000 sat boost, you scream "This is a commercial ad". Everything fine with that, just please be mindful of the culture here. Good luck, @lncapital!

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boosting goes to the users so you kinda getting paid to watch the ad if thats the case. its revolutionary

oh. I did not think about that, thank you for letting me know :)

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In that case (^^), thank you sir! :-)

This project is open source, no? Albeit, it does likely have a business model behind it.

And it's a super relevant project.

Lots of different incentives to post on SN.

I think it's cool and okay. At least, by me.

Torq is open source (MIT license), there is a long term business model for LN Capital (the company) for related services, for example a SaaS version. We believe an open source project backed by a business ensures a well developed and maintained project.

Runs on umbrel?

you can easily run it with Docker, so works well with Umbrel (although it is not in the Umbrel store yet). I can help you set it up on Umbrel, just reach out on telegram (ln.capital/telegram) or twitter (http://twitter.com/LN_Capital)

How is this different than LNDg. I ran that before it was on the umbrel store and it did absolutely nothing for my node

Torq does not yet offer automation of rebalancing and fees, but it gives you a lot more insight into what is happening with your channels. So it might give you clues to why you did not see much of a difference or why a channel is performing better or worse than before. We will add automation soon

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It looks cool - thats it - I must have it! i'll check out the Telegram group so i can use it in Umbrel.

Can I run this on a node that I have on a raspberry pi 4? or would it not have enough resources?

It does not use a lot of resources so should run fine on raspberry pi 4, but I have not tested it, so would love to get your feedback on that!


It uses a Timescale DB. That's so cool. I remember asking them if they planned to add any features for storing gossip messages.

I love TimescaleDB it makes working with time series data like this much easier.

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Oh interesting. I love sankeys!

Sankeys are really cool, the flow diagram is a sort of customised diagram I built to show the inbound vs outbound traffic for a channel based on a bar chart. I hope to use Sankeys some more for visualising stuff like aggregated data on payment attempts etc.

This is looking awesome!!