Unless you're only lurking you should probably be earning at least 10 sats a day, show some love people...

...or don't, it's your money ;)

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21, 69, 420 sats

...the only way to tip

This is the way

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this is the correct answer ๐Ÿค

@k00b Set the default to 21?

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It's currently 10 (up from 1). I'm not sure increasing it did much. It might've though. I need to look at data from it.

Sorry if this sounds thick, but what do you mean ?

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In your settings, you can set your default tip.

For new users, I increased this default from 1 -> 10 sats about a month ago.

Thank you, this is the second time I log in the site

And thank you for your work, I just realized the username !!

Because I'm poor :'(

There's another answer as well as the good points made so far:

If I click upvote, it puts 1 sat by default. For those of us who've spent time on similar sites (like reddit but also twitter and youtube are similar) it feels natural to just click 'upvote'.

The long-press to change it is not familiar to new or casual users.

If you want you can change the smallest amount once in the settings, no need to long press.

Yep, I checked that after writing my comment .. I hadn't looked at the settings for 6+ months :) It's perfectly fine but 90% of people won't bother changing defaults. Could possibly change UI to make that choice more prominent(?)

Yea, maybe a prompt after registering just so the user knows its a thing.

Or even more than that, because if you click through it when you sign up, you never look at it again (unless you read a thread like this :) ).

If I had to suggest something, it'd be - two buttons next to each post, or something that looks a bit like reddit's 'gold' and other awards, but it's an actual button right there. I suspect other stuff (including long press) is just not going to get people using it.

Didnโ€™t know that was possible cheers! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I've setup 5 sats as minimum. That's enough for me

Is the name of the site Stacker News or is it Spender News?

That being said, ... you are right ... if there's sats coming in, on Stacker News thanks to the daily airdrop from the ~jobs board revenues, ... spending on good posts and comments from that part of your stash, rather than hoarding it all, will help SN grow.

Yup, my thought exactly.

Why shitposting raise 1086 sats?

1188 now lol Maybe because he is right?

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It's also not very intuitive to tip more than the default. Press and hold is not super intuitive and having to submit a form is a lot.

@kr pitched making each click 10x more. First click is 1 sat, second 10 sat, third 100 sat, fourth 1000 sat, fifth 10000 sats. We could even still have press and hold.

This is the best 'proposal' I've heard to improve it.

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My guess is that unit bias is strong. Earning small amounts feels significant. Spending small amounts also feels significant.

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Also early Bitcoiners are savers by nature.

I guess it depends what you mean by early, most of the people on bitcointalk in 2011-2013 were either druggies, reckless gamblers, con artists, or just mentally deranged :)

There's a reason why so few of them ended up being mega rich :)

(well apart from the con artists, most of them did really well!)

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Not that early. I guess I meant us, which might be better called contemporary or current bitcoiners.

Is it sacrilege to say that the number of sats I see hasn't quite sunk in as an amount of money, thus making spending on tips easy?

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When making this case for 10 sats, why not make it 20, 50, or even 100 sats instead? (100 sats is still only 0.0315900000)

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i tip everyone 1 sat default, sir.

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Because 10 sats are still only 0.0002862 USD โ€“ if you really want to make a difference, gotta go higher than that.

Also, it's "sats, the standard" not "10 sats, the standard" ๐Ÿ™Š

(Also, I like clicking on something a bunch of times, shooting sats left and right โ€“ it's fun!)

Cuz weโ€™re cheap af but Iโ€™ll get you a sat bud ;)

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Maybe we need to make the top daily/weekly spenders leaderboard more easily visible... although that might lead to more gaming behavior.

Wait, there's a leaderboard?

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Here's the spot to change the default tip btw: https://stacker.news/settings

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Another reason might be posting/commenting is 1 sat so it feels natural to tip a corresponding amount.

See now I have to up my tip again to get rid of all these sats...

I don't know how to get sats

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The bitcoin ecosystem is the ultimate nexus between hodl'ing and sat spewing. It can't be explained.

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Because I tip every post or comment that I read. Anything I spend time on has value, no matter the size of the tip. If it caught my attention, I tip.

Just because something caught my attention does not mean it was valuable, case in point: clickbait titles.

I click 10 times... I wanna see 10 lightning bolts

I was testing the setting and have changed back to default - tipping does seem strange to us British

The short press triggering a lightning strike incentivizes the 1 sat tip. But don't you worry I smash it like 20x, then long press for the big tip lol

I don't

But I don't mind getting 1 sat

Remember there's only 2.1 quadrillion of them

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i hodl

I don't know how this works

power of the default

I tip 10 sats if it deserves 10 sats. 10 sats is a lot of money sir

You don't value it in dollars and think it's nothing, do you sir?

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haha I was like that at first then started to show the love as yall are saying lol i guess you learn n grow longer your in this