also please add smartwatches. Most of them have Bluetooth always one. So try to sleep at night wearing your smartwatch to track your sleep cylce and it's beaming frequency waves every so often that it destroy your body cells. In the long run people get cancer. After searching for a month, I bought the Garmin Instinct 2, where you can enable or disable bluetooth and sync when YOU decide it.
Personal experience: I wake up in the middle of the night wearing a Huawei Fit 2. My arm was really itchy, a bit electrical, it stung me. Next day, I returned it.
It's not an extreme at all. Manufacturers in order to sell rather than taking into account those small details. They add marketing to say that it's not harmful, when true scientist (the ones with values and ethics) prove it damage cells into the body. Same is true with microwaves. We leave in a corrupt world, what did you expect, should I remind you.