I'm glad that blog post meant something to you -- I found it really powerful, too.
And here we are, illustrating with our own interaction the very topic we're interacting about. So meta :)
10.1k sats \ 1 reply \ @ek 8 Dec 2023
By the way, really thanks.
I think I won't ever be able to tell you how much I appreciate that you did take your time with me, especially here, lol
This right here is exactly the thing that social media could be but hasn't figured out how to be, at scale: finding connection, sharing stuff that matters, finding a tribe or founding a tribe, having encounters with people around the world that can mean something.
Hopefully you're proud of the role you're playing in building that. It's important.
Im still hesitant to fully commit to this belief of "consistent audience" since any of you may leave at any moment. That's your right as a nym on the internet.
But I would like to think that's not the case, lol
I don't seem to have been able to change 20-40 years of emotions with ths reply above.
Maybe a blog post will help? lol :)
But I think it will indeed... Just like the reply did help, it just wasn't enough (obviously)