They told me I can send them a mail if someone has a problem with their Phoenix wallet max every two months. That was their response when I asked if it's okay if I write them if a stacker has a problem with their Phoenix wallet and it might also be in their interests to respond on SN - or at least let me forward their response :)
And it will be 2 months in 10 days, so I can't do this again currently, haha
But maybe you can just write them? :)
They seem to respond pretty quickly :)
You could potentially even just send them a link to this thread potentially haha
But be polite! You're representing SN now lol
right on, appreciate it
Wait did you already send them a mail and they already replied?! If so, crazy :)
If not, maybe mention that ek from SN sends his regards, lol
nope, wasn't me. it still lets me log in, so i'm not super worried about it. just wanted to give you guys a heads up