Other stats:

  • Nodes: 16346
  • Channels: 82455

Wow, reaching impressive numbers

Maybe but channel numbers is going down due to the fucking force closing bug between LND and CLN! In the last 3 weeks I had 40 force closed channels due to fucking worthless shit on LND code! This is outrageous!

If LN devs will not get their shit together and focus on fixing LN bugs and improve the fucking gossip protocol... then LN is a failed experiment. https://bitcoinvisuals.com/ln-nodes

I wonder if lower BTC price leads to more BTC on LN since you need more BTC for transaction denominated in USD value. But I guess a low BTC price may lower BTC spending as well.

also a channel created today could hold x10 value in a few years.

can you share a link? we still under 4k in 1ml.com

check amboss

Here's another lightning explorer as well for reference: https://app.exponentiallayers.com/

Total capacity is right near 4,000 BTC, but active capacity (where both nodes of a channel and their channel policy are active) still has a ways to go (currently at 3,640 BTC)

The network data on this site is synced every 20 minutes from the network