they couldnt just leave the chart w/o throwing in some disingenuous things.

-bitcoin tx fees are no where near 50$, and havent been for a while. [no mention of LN] -'Hopefully, if you were making this purchase with bitcoin, you’d put many many more eggs in your basket.' not sure if they are insinuating that for it to be worth it to make the purchase in bitcoin, you should buy lots of eggs to make the tx fee worth the purchase [LN fixes this] or if they are trying to be sly and reference the "dont have all your eggs in one basket' to not diversifying.

The Fed wrote a post showing the price of eggs in USD and Bitcoin, comparing them over the last year, showing Bitcoin as more volatile and unpredictable.

Only problem was they forgot to zoom out

Zoomed out, egg price in BTC chart, 2015-2022 [Larger image] <-- Shows the thread in a single, easy-to-read, web page

they actually wrote Bitcoins

this is awesome....just by the nature of writing this shows that we have won. they just don't know it yet

Or they don't admit it

This looks like a huge coping mechanism from the so called "experts", they are starting to feel the heat on their asses from the bitcoin miners

based and orangepilled ponybro

My favorite part of the article:

“Because a bitcoin is worth so much more than a carton of eggs, we multiplied the price by 100 million to express it in so-called satoshis, which is the smallest subunit of bitcoin.”

We will have satoshis as the currency of the bitcoin network.

I feel it is. Would be handy to have more things in btc/msat/sat

Bitcoin is winning 🥇🥇🥇