Like the Edward Snowden quote.
I would love to learn more about privacy, in the context of - what's is the low-hanging fruit? what do many people who are new to these concepts do wrong, what's a relatively easy first step?
Privacy is one of those concepts that it's easy to throw your hands up and just not think about it. Because it so quickly seems to get so difficult.
Love this question, because it always seems too overwhelming for people initially. There's definitely some low-hanging fruit which I would focus on with something similar to the below order. Some great guides on here already. I consolidated a bunch into a SN directory the other day.
Low-hanging fruit
  1. Get a VPN first with MullVad (SN post here) or Proton (SN post here).
  2. Separate passwords so never using same ones and have easy method to manage them - suggest Bitwarden but many solutions discussed here on SN.
  3. Next, buy yourself a domain (see this SN post). And create a bunch of email aliases for each service you log-in to, so none share the same email. And neither the same password, because of #2.
  4. Use a more private web browser - Brave (discussed on SN), Thorium (discussed on SN), Tor and many others.
  5. Always buy Bitcoin privately, i.e. non-KYC (as discussed on SN).
  6. Keep separate names and nyms for public & btc discussions. This one is probably very sensible and many other people should listen to this advice 🤔
Then, once have some momentum & motivation...
  1. Install open-source operating systems - graphene OS, linux, qubesOS on devices
  2. Consider Lightning, coinjoins and UXTO consolidation.
  3. Look into eSims, Wifi and much much more.
  4. Become a hermit and the enemy of your friends and family 😄 increasing your privacy 'rank' by disposing of phone numbers and emails regularly:

The privacy journey looks something like this...