Love this question, because it always seems too overwhelming for people initially. There's definitely some low-hanging fruit which I would focus on with something similar to the below order. Some great guides on here already. I consolidated a bunch into a SN directory the other day.

Low-hanging fruit

  1. Get a VPN first with MullVad (SN post here) or Proton (SN post here).
  2. Separate passwords so never using same ones and have easy method to manage them - suggest Bitwarden but many solutions discussed here on SN.
  3. Next, buy yourself a domain (see this SN post). And create a bunch of email aliases for each service you log-in to, so none share the same email. And neither the same password, because of #2.
  4. Use a more private web browser - Brave (discussed on SN), Thorium (discussed on SN), Tor and many others.
  5. Always buy Bitcoin privately, i.e. non-KYC (as discussed on SN).
  6. Keep separate names and nyms for public & btc discussions. This one is probably very sensible and many other people should listen to this advice 🤔

Then, once have some momentum & motivation...

  1. Install open-source operating systems - graphene OS, linux, qubesOS on devices
  2. Consider Lightning, coinjoins and UXTO consolidation.
  3. Look into eSims, Wifi and much much more.
  4. Become a hermit and the enemy of your friends and family 😄 increasing your privacy 'rank' by disposing of phone numbers and emails regularly:

The privacy journey looks something like this...