I'm always nervous with these updates. I wait a few days until the people who know what they're doing are confident everything is working properly.

That's a reasonable approach...

updated Dev node on Debian VM no issues

I don't have too much hope on this update, but at least I can ditch immediately LND and run CLN. LND IS A FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS!

awaiting your guide for switching LND to CLN on Umbrel - guess it's a case of running both in tandem and opening new channels on CLN and closing on LND

I switched from LND to CLN on Umbrel, but I realized that on CLN has no automatic backup option that exist on LND. It's dangerous, no?

What do you recommend using?

Security Disclosure

Umbrel is currently in beta and is not considered secure.


Not a big fan of this update. Feels like a step backwards.

How so?

The UI is way less intuitive to me. Not a fan of the "desktop" thing if that makes sense.

It's a huge change for sure. I haven't upgraded yet but I'm curious if it's actually a UX downgrade or it's just new and we'll adjust and realize it's better with time.

From the POV of simplicity I think it's definitely a downgrade. You can't control your Bitcoin and Lightning Node from the same simple interface anymore. You have to actually open up two separate tabs for that now. :/

That certainly sounds worse and if it is I'm sure they'll hear that feedback and change.

These people have an incredible vision and its lowkey playing out. I dont have an Umbrel myself tho.


This is a "debian" only release now..... if you had installed umbrel via docker on another OS (ie Centos). You won't be able to upgrade.

Somehow, even tho everything uses 'docker' it relies on all sorts of debian-specific commands (dpkg, dpkg-query, etc).

These choices seem semi-insane. Why even use docker at this point??

Docker is today's nerd's favorite process segmentation mechanism. Chroot has fallen out of favor, even though there never was much difference if any at the environment level, and people don't seem to want to maintain a debian package anymore.

Where are the detailed release notes on github? https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel/releases/tag/v0.5.0

This is a shame, that only on twatter have to be posted some few words of a big release... no technical details of what, why, how was released.

Umbrel ... shame on you! You could just write some sentences, it doesn't cost too much.