@DarthCoin probably asked for this the most but many users have asked. Particularly users wanting to migrate from one lightning node to another. Thank you everyone who asked.

You're now able to link and unlink any auth method we support to a single account. If an auth method is already linked to another account, linking will fail so you'll have to unlink that auth method from the other account first.

That's about it. Oh, and we have new pinned post and notification bell icons curtesy of @kr. They feel like an upgrade.

What's next? I might add polls, but I also need to work on the trust algo and want to publicly display a stat dashboard for sats spent and stuff.


This is great! Would be a shame to lose access to an account due to a LN wallet mishap.

Of course as bitcoiners, we should know how to back them up, but stuff happens :).

Would be cool to see additional auth methods in the future. For example, Fido U2F would allow for authentication via any Bitcoin hardware wallet that supports it, such as Ledger.

A+ improvements overall.

You can use Fido U2F on its own? Any applications in the wild that do this?

Yup! Both Microsoft and Gmail accounts will allow you to authenticate via a USB security key, which works with the Fido U2F app on my Ledger.

With Microsoft you only need to type your email and select "Sign in with USB key". With Gmail its not really a "primary" auth method but once you set up the security key in your Gmail account you can trigger it by clicking "Forgot your password", so you can either use it if you forget your password or as 2FA.

Surprisingly, Protonmail does not support this.

Really cool stuff, though.

What's next? I might add polls, but I also need to work on the trust algo and want to publicly display a stat dashboard for sats spent and stuff.

I would be for the first few sub-pages/tags etc first. You also could run the meme page as an experiment and shut it down a month later if it was a mistake. Why not?

I love you

I love you too bounded of course by how much I know you but nonetheless

Hmm does SN have a help page I’m curious to learn how to keep this account intact

I am the help page! What do you need?

🤣 how do I access this account from a different device? Say a desktop computer

How are you logging in on mobile?

Safari on my phone. Saved to my Home Screen

I meant which method are you using for login: email, lightning, twitter, or github?

Regardless of which method you should be able to use the same auth method to login on desktop.

I’m not sure how do I find out?

Go to settings and whichever auth method is available to be 'unlinked' is the auth method you'd use on desktop to access your same account.

Now I see thanks

This site works better than some others that are owned by multinational companies with millions of dollars

Hopefully it’ll be better than companies with billions someday

Why not allow to add more than one lightning login?

I ask because I use Alby to login on PC, but I would like to login with lightning on Breez mobile for example when they add stacker news. So will be different lightning logins, but If stacker news add an option to add more than one lightning login, I could use the same account on Mobile and PC.

I can. I'd just have to change how this is structured in the db. Currently, it's like

1user { 2 id 3 name 4 .... 5 pubkey 6}

and I'd have to make it

1user { 2 id 3 name 4 .... 5} 6 7pubkey { 8 pubkey 9 userId 10}

and also rework the linking UI. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours to do though once started ... just that migrating the db needs to be done carefully.

Was waiting for this! Thanks Koob! 🙏

Thanks man! This is great news! I will try it out.

EDIT: Works perfect! So I suppose, with another temporary linked auth, I can unlink the LNURL (from a dead node) then once I have again a good LNURL auth I can re-link it to the account.


You can also unlink all auth methods then link the new node, but it’s dangerous, so I’d recommend the path you describe instead.