Ordinals culture is the anti-thesis of maxi culture.
Maxis take a moral lens of Bitcoin and shout at everyone what not to do. Enjoyoors take a free market view of Bitcoin and encourage everyone to try all the things.
Maxi ideology was breed out of the blocksize wars > Ordinals ideology was breed from maxi restrictions.
Let's continue to stress-test Bitcoin on all fronts and actively work together to fix where it breaks.
Free markets have failures. Social consensus is real.
This is an absolute failure in understanding what dynamics are at play. Ordinal culture is Shitcoin culture which is scam culture
What is an exit event a Bitcoin Magazine conference panel.
Thats not a Bitcoin Magazine conference panel.
The market gets to decide what is a scam. At the end of the day people are transacting in BTC at a volume we have never seen before.
"The market gets to decide what is a scam" is just brain dead for logic. The market is being scammed. It figures it out after it runs out of hopes and dreams to exploit.
"A new sucker born everyday" is more apt for describing how the market will figure this out than what the hell you just said.
And motherfucker, we are the damn market which is why I am going to market this entire scam away to the best of my ability so that noobies who don't know better get to know better and stay the absolute hell away from it.
Fuck you and ALL of your bullshit
Ordinals brought in subjective value theory and ultra toxic maxis went crazy because anonymous user decided that 1btc <> 1btc.
I suggest that we as bitcoin " maxi " community should stand for an " code review " federation. trust verifiable via web of trust signatures. sponsored/funded by like wise community and bitcoin standard companies donations via all means of bitcoin payment method in a multisig account. Maybe like a "nostrocket" dao. it just a idea to start a open discussion for the benefit of progress. Fork the ideas as you pleased
Revert SegWit.
We need SegWit or you have incentives to bloat the UTXO set.
Sadly that's happening now with Stamps.
Bitcoin maximalist are acting like communist, strange that one notice it.