I built an mvp usage dashboard. You can view it here: usage. It's also available in the footer if you click analytics -> usage. You can still get to plausible with analytics -> visitors.

Right now it just shows some monthly growth stats, but I'll add stuff to it as time goes on. The idea is users can follow along with growth, recommend any new metrics, speculate on approaches to improve metrics, etc. Radical transparency is just cool too.

If you have anything that you'd like exposed in there, drop a comment below.


Dig the whole site, thank you for making cool things, I'm setting up my own LN node now (slowly), you inspired me

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The dashboard is looking crisp!

One thing I'd love to see is the number of monthly earning users (MEU) rather than monthly active users (MAU).

"Active" users is a Web2 metric for determining how many people can possibly be served an ad. That's a helpful metric for Facebook, but it doesn't tell us much about the health of Stacker News' business.

Stacker News wins when it helps users earn money, so I think that should be our north star user metric moving forward.

Also, since this is a native SN dashboard, it might make sense for the 'Analytics' tab in the footer of SN tabs to automatically link to this page, and if people want to see more detailed metrics on Plausible, they can access the Plausible page via the SN usage dashboard page.

Earning users is a good metric too.

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Edit: I now see the Analytics tab is updated to show both links.

It neat

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Nice, NGU on these graphs!

hey @koob , you should add transactions (in/out).

Which transactions exactly?

LN transactions, people sending money back and forth to the site.

Ah I can do that

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Cool, I don’t know if that interesting for everyone else, but I think it will be cool to see

Thanks for the reply !

Looks nice, great job!

Looking gooood!

What's the definition of an active user? Would be cool to see metrics such as "number of jobs items", as it is also a great indicator of the health/growth of SN.

Any way, number go up, orange site good!

What's the definition of an active user? Posting, commenting, or upvoting is active by my definition, which is maybe better phrased as inter-active. Most people would include logged in and visiting as active, but I think inter-active is more important to track.

Would be cool to see metrics such as "number of jobs items" Lol well number go down with jobs because I haven't been selling it. Got to get back on it.

Thanks for your answer. I completely agree regarding the active = inter-active definition. Makes way more sense than the weaker active = logged in definition!

Number go up :) How many transactions does the Node do?

You mean forwards?

This is awesome, and congrats! Up and to the right πŸ“ˆπŸš€

That's pretty neat! Maybe usage by home/recent/top/<eventually coming subreddits>?

What metrics would you like for those pages? Visits?

You view individual page stats on: https://plausible.io/stacker.news?page=%2Frecent ... just update the filter to whatever page you want to look at.

This dashboard will be more for pulling out stuff from the site's database.