yeah, you are right, it was the first time i heard that term (maybe second, i think i remember a scene from Mr. Robot where he was in an underground hacker club or something and they were hacking each other i think that was CTF right?) 😃 i haven't looked much into it tho
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Yep, there was a scene like this :)
And I think they weren't hacking each other. That's a specific form of CTFs: Attack and Defense
I think it was a Jeopardy-style CTF as explained here:
Jeopardy-style CTFs has a couple of questions (tasks) in range of categories. For example, Web, Forensic, Crypto, Binary or something else. Team can gain some points for every solved task. More points for more complicated tasks usually. The next task in chain can be opened only after some team solve previous task. Then the game time is over sum of points shows you a CTF winer. Famous example of such CTF is Defcon CTF quals.
I only played Jeopardy-style CTFs so far though.
I need to rewatch the show. I only watched the first 3 seasons (i think?) when they came out, many years ago.
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Oh, this means you didn't finish it? It's well worth finishing it imo :)
Yeah. Life got in the way, and for some reason i completely forgot about it.
This time i will understand the show/hacking scenes better ;)
The OST's were amazing too.