Is there a way to disable incoming routing on a specific channel? My thinking is this would be very useful for merchants. They can mantain inbound liquidity and rebalance automatically by routing outgoing forwards only. Thanks for help

I'm thinking you could just achieve this with super high fees?

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Super high fees would effectively do this, and I'm not sure if there's an explicit way to do it.

Set Max HTLC to 1. @zerofeerouting does this with a script whenever there’s not much inbound liquidity to your node on a channel with him.

One way channels were one of the thought experiments before the introduction of Lightning.

One can achieve this with manually exchanging pgp messages and onchain transactions. There is no implementation that I know of and it isn't part of the Lightning protocol afaik.

So yeah, normal Lightning is probably the better way to go - but this doesn't solve your question perfectly

Set your base fee at 9999000 msat (9999 sat) to discourage routing on the channel.

For LND, you could use charge-lnd to automate this.

I'm not aware of a fee automation plugin for CLN nodes.