You cannot sell ETF without asking real owner of BTC. You cannot send this ETF to other person (as i know). Your are monitored 24h, zero privacy. With some kind protest they will teach you very fast who is the real owner of your ETF. Only casino wins with fees.
For me shitcoin is better then ETF.
Thanks for sharing. I think these are apples and oranges. Shitcoins are worthless IMO so there's that. A more valid comparison would between a gold ETF and a Bitcoin one. Or a BTC ETF and a stock or mutual fund.
Gold are different, you need to storing metal, Its not easy to sell, big spread, you can easy buy fake. Thats why ETF is a good choice with gold. Shitcoin don't have that problems. Obviously bitcoin with self hosting are the best choice.
Thats why IMO:
  1. Bitcoin (self hosting)
  2. Shitcoin
  3. ETF