I recall you sharing a pdf in a few posts. Is there a particular reason why you like sharing your work this way? Mostly curious if there's something SN could do to make it easier for the content to be shared natively.
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Yeah, mostly because I find it a hassle to make, say, 10 posts of a given summary, for example, copy-pasting the texts, having to space them appropriately again, including links to the subsequent posts...
The PDF itself is the most convenient way for both the OP and the reader, in my opinion.
If SN could develop a way to "absorb" the PDF, for example, and have the user "cut" it's contents into parts and have them titled, numbered and concatenated in the right order in one go, that would really be something.
With "concatenation", I envision something like, say, a generic post, yet now the post has "tabs" added somewhere which one can "cycle" through, with each tab "loading" the subsequent part.
It's a quick brainstorm I'm doing here, and it certainly needs some more thinking, but it could really improve these kind of posts greatly in my opinion.
What PDF editor are you using? It sounds like you prefer that editing experience?
It's the "Documents" App, native on Chromebook.
Uhm... I'm using the text-program that comes with the Google Chromebook... And export it as a PDF... 😅
Not that helpful huh?... Hmm.
That's helpful. I don't know if we will ever "absorb" PDFs but it'd make sense to somehow assist in copying formatting.
Well, it's worded poorly; What I'm after is the option to import the original text in all its glory (read spacing and writing style).
Yes exactly. What I'm thinking is maybe replicating style on copy-paste.
A step in the right direction, but the other things would really make it shine; Titles, numbers, concatenation and tabs!
We have


  1. and
  2. numbers
But I don't know what you mean by concatenation. Do you mean permanent editing? And by tabs you mean several documents that can be tabbed through?