💡The Challenge:
Many of us are passionate about building companies or creating innovative projects, but finding the right partner or co-founder can be a real struggle. Traditional methods like hackathons or meetups are great but only sometimes connect us with our ideal collaborator.
🚀 Monthly Collaboration Posts!
This is our second monthly collaboration post on Stacker News! These posts will be a dedicated space for sharing what you’re building and discovering potential collaborators.
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To streamline the process, we suggest the following template for your posts but feel free to adjust Stackers!:
  • Name/Nym: [Your Name]
  • Summary of What You’re Building: [Brief description of your project or idea or GitHub.]
  • What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? (e.g., engineers, marketing, sales, legal, education, design, mentorship, advisors, venture capital, strategy, technical consulting.)
  • Purpose: Is this for fun, or are you aiming to build a Bitcoin business?
  • How to Contact You: [Your preferred contact method]
🤝 Let’s Build Together!
This is an initiative that I hold dear to my heart. We have a strong collaboration environment at PlebLab, which I want to bring to the Stacker News community. We’re open to suggestions and excited to see how this idea evolves! I will also bring this up on Stacker News Live every first week of the month to get the most visibility for all the builders who participate, and try my best to facilitate an introduction or collaborator.
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Summary of What You’re Building:

PlebLab Hackerspaces

What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?

Looking for a Production Assistant to support on set where it's needed, doing a a huge variety of tasks throughout a shoot. Including moving equipment, managing actors, footage, handing out scripts and shooting schedules, organizing, cleaning up the set, and location scouting, among other things.

Purpose: Is this for fun, or are you aiming to build a Bitcoin business?

Seeking a collaborator based in Austin or Central Texas, eager to learn and integrate seamlessly with our team. This paid opportunity offers potential for further engagements, contingent upon a successful fit.

How to Contact You:




Summary & Purpose:

I'm starting to step out on my own to freelance with a goal in mind to build a small technology consulting company. Right now, there is just a foggy, fledgling vision, but I have ideas around eventually experimenting with building a bitcoin-only company where invoices, salaries and treasuries are on BTC as much as possible. Also thoughts to layer in an experimental community structure to the business, sharing company ownership, profits and responsibilities through an emergent and organic structure. A setup like this sounds risky and unprecedented, certainly prime for learning many hard lessons, but I find some of the narrative in the modern business world quite sickening when companies market themselves as a big family, but when it comes time for layoffs or salary negotiation, "it's just business". I would like to experiment to create a "Network State"-like company where participation, profits and responsibility are shared in a way where people collaborating in the company are truly valued personally as well as professionally. It sounds a little crazy, maybe like some neo-form of socialism or communism, and perhaps learning how to avoid similar pitfalls maybe be part of the process. But I think there is an opportunity under a hard money standard for organizations and people in them to value each other differently and better as humans when creating together, and I would like to try somehow.

Help I'll need:

  • Regular clients
  • Frontend developer
  • Designer
But TBH, still in very much in pipe-dream stage. Posting this here in case it inspires others, gauging interest or just writing it up for my own benefit.