What's the point of territories if the majority just post on ~bitcoin to get more visibility?
To have niches for other content. Bitcoin is just the means to an end.
Don't believe me? try to head to the recent feed
You linked to ~bitcoin/recent. You should have linked to /recent:
red arrows are posts in other territories
To have niches for other content.
I like the idea of this, but then learning more about Bitcoin is the most important thing at this stage ( at least for me )
And with so many new shiny things trying to grab people's attention, many newcomers might find it hard to focus on learning about Bitcoin - I think SN should prioritize ~bitcoin.
Let a thousand flowers bloom.
I'm one of the most active SN users and I barely ever read stuff from ~bitcoin. There's room for everyone here. No need to "focus".
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I think SN should prioritize ~bitcoin.
What could this look like?
idk, all I know is that it's hard for newbies to learn about Bitcoin on most internet places, which means it's a good opportunity for SN to standout - Bitcoin first, everything else second, you can have all the fun but don't forget to keep learning about Bitcoin:)
isn't ~bitcoin_beginners made to learn about ~bitcoin 🤔
Thanks Satoshi we have more posts on non~bitcoin territories! My point was different.
People should access ~bitcoin territory and talk about bitcoin items. I know bitcoin fix everything... and I understand it's a consequence of not being a moderated territory
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Ah, I did indeed misunderstand you, sorry. Yeah, as a stacker (and not founder) you can only decide to not zap or downzap items that don't belong in ~bitcoin.
It seems like this probably happened because so many stackers muted all the other territories. Actions have consequences.