To have niches for other content.
I like the idea of this, but then learning more about Bitcoin is the most important thing at this stage ( at least for me )
And with so many new shiny things trying to grab people's attention, many newcomers might find it hard to focus on learning about Bitcoin - I think SN should prioritize ~bitcoin.
Let a thousand flowers bloom.
I'm one of the most active SN users and I barely ever read stuff from ~bitcoin. There's room for everyone here. No need to "focus".
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I think SN should prioritize ~bitcoin.
What could this look like?
idk, all I know is that it's hard for newbies to learn about Bitcoin on most internet places, which means it's a good opportunity for SN to standout - Bitcoin first, everything else second, you can have all the fun but don't forget to keep learning about Bitcoin:)
isn't ~bitcoin_beginners made to learn about ~bitcoin 🤔