There is also an article on Bitcoin Magazine with some additional information:

Gloria Zhao Becomes First Female Bitcoin Core Maintainer, Pieter Wuille Steps Down | Bitcoin Magazine

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Who decides who gets to be a maintainer?

Is this voted via a dao or something?

What if i want to participate?

Here is a outstanding piece of content made by Amiti Uttarwar where she made a step-by-step guide of how to contribute. It's called Onboarding to Bitcoin Core

TL/DR: fork the Bitcoin Core, make tests, play with commands, assist to Bitcoin PR and start working.

Other maintainers I believe ... which is why it's a pretty big deal.

or just one maintainer

Who decides then?

I think cyclic was just saying that it only takes one maintainer to add another.

In our community, this is like someone being knighted.

Congratulations, Gloria!

congrats 🎉

Congratulations to her!