Proof of Work Academy
Sunday posts are for highlighting projects at the cross section between Bitcoin and sports. Lucky for me I didn't have to look too far this week, as our friend, and fellow stacker @manlikekweks and his Proof of Work Academy were out helping to orange pill Africa via the Friday Night Lights 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Arusha, Tanzania.
You can learn more about @manlikekweks Proof of Work Academy and his mission to further bitcoin education in Tanzania and create a central Bitcoin Hub through his geyser fund campaign
Looking forward to finding and highlighting more projects/events like this from around the world.
Sats for all, GR
Woah! Thanks for the write up…
Follow up story is the 3 point winner will be coaching me as I will be potentially going to Pacific Bitcoin in October to compete at their basketball event and perform my songs.
Looking for connections in LA. Hope to get more details soon.
Much appreciated for the post 🫂
Great find! I for one want to learn more about this project.
The Geyser page is where I post most milestones.
I’m posting on X and nostr
X- manlikekweks