Reply with a random fact about yourself.
Let's create a ripple effect of inter-connections and leverage on the network effect.
Let’s get to know each other, establish those connections so we can start trading freely.
Ready, set, share! 🏁
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I just got here and it has been really fun to explore. I really want to make a territory for food but I think I might hold off on it until I get a better grasp of SN. food brings us all together!
A random fact about myself... I have way too many fiber arts related tools. Not counting the small tools like knitting needles and crochet hooks, I have a floor loom, two circular knitting machines (one of them I mechanized with some ridiculous jerry rigging) and an electric winder. I really want to get a flatbed knitting machine. It would round out my skill set but it costs near 3M sats. Good to have a goal to work towards though, yeah?
All in all, glad to be here :)
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Nice to hear. I really look forward to seeing more of your creations listed here on SN. Happy selling and...
I gave up drinking about a year ago and invested my drinking money in bitcoin instead. Not only do I feel healthier, sleep better, and think more clearly, but I have been able to stack way more sats too!
5+ years here. Well done sir
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That's a great for you and probably also for the people around you :) Hope you are enjoining your dry sunny days!
Just wondering... as per conversation topic: did you ever buy or sold anything for Bitcoin? If yes, what was your experience?
  • I have a garage and I don't use it
  • The kids are learning to cook for themselves these days
  • I went to Union Station in Washington DC at the height of covid and they did not require masks. TV is a lie
  • I don't own a suit but I often wear shoes
  • Life is good
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Thanks for this @koqoo it's much needed.!Building trust it's probably the hardest part of having a marketplace within SN. Especially due to our bitcoiner's nature to do NOT trust, Verify!
So my question here are:
  • how we enable stackers to verify a seller?
  • What could be good practices for sellers to advertise products and services here and get paid lightning fast?
  • Would having private nostr DM embedded on @SN help establishing P2P or B2B connections?
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I have already sold several physical items via nostr and the lightning network. I don't have direct answers for you in regards to SN specifically but maybe I can provide some insight.
My transactions have been based on trust. As far as I know, there is no concrete way to verify that I actually have knit Bitcoin beanies and that I will actually ship it to them. They trust that I do. Perhaps they see that I am an active, actual person on nostr and make their judgement from there. "Don't trust, verify" comes in when it comes to the actual exchange of Bitcoin via lightning. Because of payment hashes, we can both verify that they paid me. It is in my best interest to be honest and trustworthy if I want to continue selling in this space.
I think the Stackers Guide to Sell has a bunch of great best practices. As for getting paid lightning fast... well, lightning is pretty much as fast as it gets. The question you're really asking is "how do I sell things fast" which is a very complex answer depending on your product, your understanding of your buying audience and so on.
I've only been on SN for less than a day my opinion on your third question might be a little premature. My initial answer is that SN doesn't need to provide private nostr DM as a feature. There are more than enough other nostr clients that can do this. I personally carry on my private messaging through my preferred nostr social client and intend to keep it that way. I imagine that SN users who want to buy my beanie hats would also have their preferred way as well.
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Thank you for your insightful thought, much appreciated. It's great to hear from an experienced seller like you, and I'm glad you arrived to SN! Thank you again :)
the only pocket money for my kids are SATs.
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How do they spend it?
they don’t! They HODL!
They do spend their grandpas’ fist scammy coins though.