The turks and bots are coming.

Notice they link to their own post feed.

So weird.


Sometimes you find blatant spam in /recent but this is on another level lol

Would be cool if SN had the ability to set a bounty on posts, so people who want a certain engagement on a post could set it up and let people know and just get the reactions they are looking for all in SN

yes. bonded posts would be interesting--> user pays a very very small amount to mark a post as spam and if enough spam marks then spam user has larger amount of sats confiscated

-a reply costs 10 sats -marking post as spam costs 1 sat -if more sats spent on marking as spam (from multiple users) than spam post original cost, then spam comment removed -spam poster loses 25 sats

Pretty interesting idea, but removing post could be abused imo. Maybe hidden the post by default would be better?

Interesting, I don't know whether to call it bad or good. Since it's bringing people to the forum (in a bad way) but for 25 sats we have new plebs here.

Yah, it's just - interesting that the price discovery, somehow led to a comment being worth 25 sats. Not 15, not 30. 25 is where the market is clearing. Wonder what a reddit comment is worth? And will the 25 increase (all else equal)?

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I think it's a fair price, in part it helps us all to have new plebs here. I think @BitcoinNewsCom is looking to increase traffic to their website (rank their content) I don't see it as a bad thing.

I see it as a creative way to drive traffic to your posts. Stacking sats is the future. in my option will be the next "killer app."

i'm sure Amazon (with their mTurk) might be sniffing around to acquire such a site like Mircolancer or StakWork

25 sats aren't worth a whole lot. 2500 sats, now we might be talking about something.

I think it's funny more than anything.

Isn't SN protected on thos kind of spam and massive attacks from multiple accounts? On the other side, the country with more "Bitcoin" search is Turkey, so you may be right.

the point is, lightning is the first time the custody of money is getting transferred in real time, permissionlessly, in micro payments, it has never happened before. And it can't happen with fiat or digital fiat.

Wake me up at sat-parity.

He is asking for well thought out comments

So many mixed emotions- some disgust, slightly impressed by the ingenuity, kind of sad.

Hoping these sorts of microeconomic games don't find a way to drive out the community.

When sats are involved, there's always going to someone, somewhere, trying to game the system.

i mean ... that's a website were people do stuff to earn microtransactions in Bitcoin. They might actually become active SN users. So acquiring users in a creative way as a side effect.

I don't think this is spammy at all. It would be if the content it was about was spammy but is a useful contribution so why should it be a problem?

I don't think it's a problem. It's just...wierd, to me, to pay for a comment. What's the ROI for this human to do this? Maybe it's a form of ad-viewing-arbitrage?

I don't know for sure but I think he is just trying to boost the platform a bit. A lot of us do stuff without remuneration just to help advance the freedom side of the tech in some way.

Human prejudice towards tweets with lots of likes and comments, and similarly for stacker posts with lots of comments. that's why people pay for engagement, to get more engagement.

If I was to advertise a brand on Twitter, before using Twitter's own boost, I would pay some sats on sats4likes to get likes on the tweets of the new brand account, then pay more sats to get proper comments on microlancer, AND THEN use Twitter's boost so that people seeing the 'sponsored post' will see lots of comments and are more likely to click and open to read, which is the objective in any ad.

I want to say thank you to the individual who is doing this!

?????wuhhh thats craaaazy... just weird I guess I could see someone really putting in some serious work doing all that I guess?? lol just looks weird yeaaaaa all I got to say on that one

hackers gonna hack

This is the battlefield.

Creative for sure. Would SN turn into the next TikTok where viral posts are the goal to earn some sats?

This task can be repeated multiple times.

lol! Really!?