If you're actually interested in the facts...
Beyond the cartoon jpegs, many generative artists around the world have found a home with NFTs. It doesn't take much to see: look at platforms like ArtBlocks or talk to any generative artist and you'll see that many are thrilled to finally have a platform to publish their digital art.
As for finding God, I do my best to live a godly life. I pray every day and meditate for 2+ hours each day. Walking with God is the rock that gives me confidence to continue in the face of hostile people online who try to insult and bring me down for challenging their assumptions about what bitcoin can be. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes, but I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with building on ordinals, despite what your cult(ure) may lead you to believe.
Additionally, our team has pioneered an art project specifically aimed to bring degens to God - it's called Mystic Pepe. You can see the original here (no it is not for sale): https://www.ord.io/34595802
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I said it before and I'll say it again,
At least NFT promoters were dumb enough to believe that they were offering something valuable.
Ordinal promoters like Udi KNOW that what they're selling is worthless. That is perverse. They're scammers of the highest order.
If what you're saying about yourself is true, I sincerely hope you're in the dumb group.
I wish you the best and I hope you eventually see the light.
Value is subjective, who are you to call something "worthless" when it has a market price?
Why is it so hard to understand that there's a market for digital collectibles and digital art?
Who hurt you?
Look man, it seems like you don't understand why Ordinals and "digital collectibles" are a scam. That's good. It seems like you're not a scammer. That's also good. It seems like you're being scammed, which is not terrible.
However, remember this: Udi and his minions DO understand why "digital collectibles" are a scam. They DO KNOW that what they're selling is worthless.
Read this and hopefully you'll get it. It's not long --> https://dergigi.com/threads/memes-vs-the-world
you are in a cult. i know because i used to be in your cult. the maxi cult. its a sad place. you can still escape.
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Have fun getting scammed!