I will pay 200,000 sat to the best video, based on voting here. 100,000 sats for second, 50,000 sats for third.

Here are instructions: https://gitlab.com/sovereign-individuals/lnbits-for-woocommerce/-/issues/9

If you have any questions, you can ask here, or in Telegram group: https://t.me/+h9utj7CKAiQ5NTI8

Great plugin! I use it and also wrote a guide about using it for small merchants here. https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/lnbits-for-small-merchants

Great tutorial with a lots of details. Will link in plugin description and readme!

100k sats for 2nd place

Great video.

Three issues: not installing from WordPress directory which means people need to figure out where to get the zip It doesn't show how to style the payment page which is something multiple people asked for. Also it doesn't show integration with e-shop, although paywall is a very usell use case as well.

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First submission that is actually a video, AND uses the plugin from the instructions:


Congrats. 200k sats for you!

One idea for next time: it would be great to see the phone while paying the invoice, would be easier to understand what's happening in the background.

Fantastic! Yep, this one satisfies all the requirements -- end to end tutorial for non-technical folks. So far my top pick!

Love the lightning animation and plus points for great explanation of the custodial tradeoffs.

This is closed now.

I realized I should have defined a deadline for when we gonna pick, so let's give it one more week.

Deadline Friday 8/12 end of day. I will send the payments next weekend.