No nonsense, only Bitcoin.
A father of two and a business coach and motivational trainer.
Loves to talk about Parenting, farming, food, motivation, business ideas and of course about Bitcoin for future.
Welcome 💪Sounds like you’ve got some solid advice for us all.
Look forward to hearing it in the daily saloon thread.
Welcome coach! Wecome to the world of Bitcoin and Stacker News.
I'll be all ears for your motivational thoughts. Thanks for swallowing 'Orange Pill'.
In case you don't know what's 'orange Pill' is
Welcome BitcoinAbhi !
Hello @BitcoinAbhi 👋
Welcome to the platform!
It's full of quality content so read and learn, try to contribute by adding good content.
Here are some intro articles that you need to go through in order to get familiar with the platform and its ideology:
I stay open for any questions or comments you might have.
Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.
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Welcome aboard!
What does your business coach or motivational trainer material look like? Is it based on personal experience in business?