You can make polls now. It's pretty straightforward.

  • 1 sat to create
  • 1 sat to vote in a poll (at some point poll creator will be able to set this)

All sats from creation and poll votes go to rewards.

Over the next week or two I'll be working on performance/ops enhancements and refinements to existing features. I'll probably start a thread to ask you all what you want enhanced at some point.

We'll end this with a poll. Am I fat?

Always have been43.2%
81 votes \ poll ended
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The rate at which SN is developing and improving is incredibly impressive. Kudos! πŸ‘€

Lol, the plebs have spoken and koob delivers, isn't this a grand old thing

I put this to the test for onion address development and it happened!


the comment section is SATisfying πŸ˜‚βš‘οΈ

111 sats \ 5 replies \ @nout 30 Jul

This is great! I gave it a try right away :)

Couple of feedbacks on my experience:

  • I hit a limit with the available characters and had to try reducing the length of the answers
  • I hit a limit with number of options possible and had to re-think how to do the survey
  • I was not expecting that the answers are going to be capitalized
  • It's not possible to edit the answers in the 10m edit window (e.g. to fix typos), maybe because people already voted?
106 sats \ 1 replies \ @nout 30 Jul

Btw, with the limits... would it be cool if each extra character over the limit costs 100 sats? I think that could be true for any fields on SN that have length limit.

"undesirables" cost more...

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Another thought - it would be great if there's a way (e.g. onhover) to see how many people voted on each item (so I don't have to do the math...)

Do polls participate in the ranking algorithm? E.g. if there are 10 people that voted on the poll will it be ranked on the home page?

Nope, not yet anyway.

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Oh I see, but as soon as someone clicks on lightning on the post, then it participates? That makes sense as far as I can tell...

consider adding a downvote function that requires users to pay double the sats for the same weighting as upvotes with sats

You're just big boned!


When SN feature parity with reddit?

The /recent page is full of poll posts!

Go and vote everyone πŸ˜‚

Love this feature!

101 sats \ 0 replies \ @0xtr 30 Jul

Nice! Really like that it's similar to Twitter design wise

101 sats \ 1 replies \ @jp 30 Jul

Can we get @jimmysong back in here? Wasn't this one of his major requests?

I'm here and I made one!

101 sats \ 0 replies \ @invar 30 Jul

omg nice. but holy shit it costs sats to vote as well. will be interesting to test a SN poll vs a Twitter poll one day and see if there is a big difference in the outcome. idk

Again, love the transparency with development… keep it up!


Awesome!! ⚑️

You never miss man!

Good work!

way to go⚑️

Congrats, you are doing a great work here.

Nice, thanks for your work!


πŸš€ Love this! All hail King @k00b πŸ‘‘

This is awesome!!!

Awesome k00b.

Hell yeah! This is awesome

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Really awesome work!!! Excited to use this feature!

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1 sats \ 1 replies \ @F 30 Jul

Cool. Is it possible to boost more or less than 10 sats per comment? It would be nice to give a reply 69 sats, for example.

Yes, long press the boost button and a popup appears letting you change the amount. The default can be changed in account settings.