receiving would be more complicated
Attach LN address to receive zaps. Simple Since i don't want to hodl "fee credit" myself, i highly support creation of SN auction marketplace 12. Trade pair could be fee credit/LN sats or Onchain or something else
transaction fees issue needs to be resolved.
P2P Zaps are always subject to fee. It is what it is. Some ways to avoid fee :
  • eSats-to-eSats Zap within the same Mint/LGP (bad luck if LGP is the one taking fee here)
  • Have as short payment path as possible (I use Blixt and zaps always took 3 hops with 0 fees)


I just checked my last nostr zap. Mutiny confirmed on wallet in less than thirty seconds while running in the background.
That's what I have done. I connected to my own node using a Zeus LN address.