So, @roy (Breez CEO) wrote an article about Lightning, explaining one main thesis: there's no such thing as Lightning Wallet. It took a historical approach to explain our possible mistake: when we're using our apps such as Breez or Phoenix (there's ton of them), it's not only money, there's more:

If an app sends and receives payments, let’s call it a payment app. If it’s used to play podcasts and stream sats to podcasters, call it a podcast app. If it’s used to manage finances, call it a finance app. This applies equally to Bitcoin and fiat (remember PayPal, Venmo, CashApp etc.). The app’s name should derive from its function, not how it implements that function.

Go ahead and read it

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Love this guy's takes. Another really interesting article is about "Lightning Expansionism". Basically he talks about how we should really only use Lightning for payments and not for transferring any and all data. I'm inclined to agree with that.

Article in question:


Agreed with that