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So, @roy (Breez CEO) wrote an article about Lightning, explaining one main thesis: there's no such thing as Lightning Wallet. It took a historical approach to explain our possible mistake: when we're using our apps such as Breez or Phoenix (there's ton of them), it's not only money, there's more:

If an app sends and receives payments, let’s call it a payment app. If it’s used to play podcasts and stream sats to podcasters, call it a podcast app. If it’s used to manage finances, call it a finance app. This applies equally to Bitcoin and fiat (remember PayPal, Venmo, CashApp etc.). The app’s name should derive from its function, not how it implements that function.

Go ahead and read it

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Love this guy's takes. Another really interesting article is about "Lightning Expansionism". Basically he talks about how we should really only use Lightning for payments and not for transferring any and all data. I'm inclined to agree with that.

Article in question:

Agreed with that

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Bitcoin is the best, no shitcoin is close It is superior as far as security goes So if you're ever filled with terrible woes, Remember, life is just a bunch of UTXOs

keep going with these :)

Hold your own keys Ignore the market price Stop gambling on garbage shitcoins Get rid of leverage, do DCA or just earn BTC directly Work a decent job/business or simply enjoy life Prepare for a financial collapse Take care of your family and your health Use any extra time to learn more about Bitcoin, don't go to sleep until you learned something new about Bitcoin that day

Good morning good afternoon and good night depending on where you are!

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My second treasure hunt with a 20,000 sats reward will begin later today at 4:30pm EST :)

Good luck!

I left these LNURL-w codes long time ago. 2 of them (not lnurl) are directly private keys to scan. Nobody took them and are quite visible! People want only shitcoins not bitcoins :) HFSP




Man, I love the idea of hiding keys in obscure places. Where is this?

Ha! That’s awesome!

All the jobs got filled??

Looks like it

hello @k00b

i send 1211 sats from my SBW lightning wallet to and it was successful from SBW.

in stacker news wallet it showed a pending invoice for some time and it is now showing expired.

did my sats just went into oblivion.

please discard this comment as my sats got here from the oblivion @k00b

Can’t believe termite traps costs $1500 like wtf!! I really hope I’m not being fleeced

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anypony know how to learn rust?

Start programming in it. Easiest way is to probably use and google as you go.



Gm everybody