Me: paid a freelancer in Nigeria to do some dev work for me.

Uh, I think the very last thing was bought some coffee from El Salvador. After my first purchase, I stocked up so I haven't had to buy more for a while now.

I have only paid sats on here and in boosts on fountain

What is fountain?

Pod cast app earn and give sats for listening to podcasts

Can use my referral code above or not 😊

Ohhhh okay, I have heard of this. Thanks for sharing though, forgot about it.

I bought my weekly dose of beers with sats, from local grocery

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3 dozen of pasture raised eggs directly from the farmer over lightning

I have a bar and a barber who accept Bitcoin. So it's rare a week goes by Im not spending.

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Subcomment - where can I find (legal) goods and services to buy things with Bitcoin?

Online markets:

  • (⚡)
  • Bitify

And then this (older) post on r/Bitcoin has a bunch more methods:

Ready to cash out some $BTC? Spend your bitcoin instead

You might also find this from browsing my Tweets:


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How did you happen to find this dev freelancer?

I run an open source project that people discover from time to time - reliable contributors are sometimes hired for some work.

That's awesome!

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