That's awesome! Love the concept.

It seems to me that this is a value-for-value model for music, so I would encourage you to explore some of Adam Curry's work and maybe shift the language from "giving a tip" to "giving value back, whatever it is worth to you" - it's a subtle difference, but in my opinion an important one.

I think something like that could really have legs if you, similar to podcasting 2.0, take 1% of the payment streams to power the platform, or even use 2-3% for hosting.

A couple of things I noticed:

Considering all this is alpha: great job! It's pretty cool already. Keep building! ⚡🧡


Thank you, @dergigi! Really appreciate the feedback. Some responses to your thoughts/questions:

That's an interesting perspective on the semantics and connotation of "tips" that I'll have to think more about. You may be right that the distinction between that and "giving value back" is relevant. I did consider using other words like "boost" as well but ultimately landed on "tips" as I thought it required the least explanation. What Adam Curry and Co. have done with podcasting 2.0 is really great, I looked closely at the spec in the early days of designing Wavlake for inspiration.

You don't have to check for payment, the button is more of a fallback in case the user switches away from the front-end to pay and the page misses the update for some reason. I ran into this sometimes on mobile during development but am not sure exactly what causes the failure yet.

I'd love to integrate lnurl-auth! There's nothing really built yet for logged-in users so I moved it into the backlog until there's more of reason to login. When the time comes, though, I definitely will add Login with Lightning (and maybe some other lnurl elements, too, so much good stuff there). Love the design of that button, btw :)


Wavlake : Fan sponsored music

Wavlake : Surfing music together

Wavlake : Songs for sats

Great stuff @rheedi0


Fantastic idea! Can you connect it with SoundCloud? A lot of small artists have songs there already.


I hadn't thought of that but it's worth looking into. I'd have to see what the terms of their API are.


Hi SN, this is my new Lightning-powered music project. Hope you find something cool in there. Appreciate any feedback from you all and please let me know if you're interested in posting some of your own music!


Awesome! I was getting really curious about what you were building with all those blog posts!

I'm trying to get a grip on how the tipping works. My understanding: A musician sets the number of sats/play for a track. A listener then "boosts" it, paying for their own listening but can then also pay for additional plays for other listeners effectively sponsoring the track? Very cool mechanic!

Can you describe how a self-hosted wavlake synchronizes with the centralized discovery service?

Edit: wen move to Austin? We need more founders in Pleb Lab.


Thanks, @k00b! You nailed it on the tipping, it's a bit like listener sponsorship. I mainly wanted there to be as little friction as possible for a new visitor to hear new music, but also encourage supporting artists at the same time.

So I have a proxy/middleware server running that can connect to any wavlake server and link it up with the front-end. The front-end has its own caching layer with stats like plays, etc. Once a server is registered to a user on, the user then can create and manage tracks via the site. There's a lot of friction in the connection/registration process currently that I need to sort out, but would like to see what kind of appetite there is for this model in general before going down that road.

Austin sounds like a fun time, man. Would love to at least check out Pleb Lab in the near future :)