now they should remove bcash :)

So how does this work? Is the "earn" part a decent way to get non-KYC Bitcoin? Especially if you would use it with things like getting the cashback on Amazon cards through Moon.

TLDR: yes, it's a great way to get kyc-free sats.

Longer version: purse has earners and offerers. Offerers post offers containing the items they want from amazon and an amount of bitcoins they are willing to pay someone to order them and ship them to the offerer. Earners browse these offers and accept the ones that offer a decent number of sats.

When an earner accepts an offer, purse shows them an Amazon "wish list" created by purse. If the earner fulfills that wishlist, Amazon will automatically send the purchased items to the address listed on the wishlist, which purse filled in using the offerer's information.

When the items arrive the offerer can open a dispute if they didn't get what they wanted, otherwise after about a week the earner gets the sats the offerer offered (which they had to prepay using the lightning network or bitcoin's base layer).

I will stay away from anything Roger Ver has invested...!

Hi there

First of all thank you very much for expanding the use of Bitcoin ;-) I have just created my account to buy something and test but I just can see five items so far... Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Regards. Javier.

I'm not with, just a fan, but there are a lot more items on than just those five items. Use the search bar at the top to search for anything. The inventory includes everything that's on amazon. Also, you can copy an amazon url and paste it into the search bar on to purchase it using the lightning network.

purse is awesome