This sounds like a great development. From a practical matter, I wonder if I will notice a difference with my Blixt wallet once it's implemented through the update. Sync performance does seem weird now.
Yes will be a huge improvement in sync because will allow users that now have a ping of 200-500ms to have the same experience as users with a 50ms ping.
Right now I would recommend this:
  • for US (american continent) to use as neutrino peers | | | | | | (all US based IPs)
  • for EU continent to use as neutrino peer (is Germany based)
  • for the rest of the world, check the closest to you one of these public neutrino peers
Always check the peer to have a ping lower than 150ms if you want better experience. Also skip using Tor with Zeus and Blixt, is useless and you only make things worse adding more time response.
Thanks for this great information.
Why is useless?
Did you read the links about Neutrino I posted? Neutrino is offering more than enough privacy. Tor is for watching porn not for LN.
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Tor is too slow to stream porn, I would not recommend that either.