I've been using RoboSats for a few months now, I've found it easy to use even as a relative beginner!

I've been wondering on how to reduce the transaction fees, I've been using phoenix wallet as my lightning wallet but they charge 1.0% fee for opening new channels, I tried the on-chain but seems to have comparable fees. Does anyone have any tips for reducing fees when making regular buys on robosats?

As buyer, what infos are leaked to the seller when buying with paypal? Full name I guess? Something else?

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As far as I know, just your paypal account / name. Not sure if paypal lets you change your name, maybe that would help the anonymity.

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It's a good thing to encourage robosat usage. It seemed strange, though, to suggest cash app as a wallet, which seems to destroy the private nature of the transaction. Am I missing something?

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It leaks some details with the seller only, so while it's not truly 100% anonymous, it is better than giving all of your data to a mega corporation to be stored for eternity.

The link for this post uses a read-only front-end for Twitter, which can be easier to read for viewing a full Twitter thread. The Tweet that kicked off the thread is:

@RoboSats Tutorial to Buy bitcoin - A 🧵:

  1. Download TOR browser
  2. Open http://robosats.com
  3. A robot avatar will auto-generate
  4. Store the token address in your notes
  5. Click 'Make Order'

RoboSasts screen shot


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robosats is a game changer. In the beginning i set my payment to a lightning wallet (WoS) but one trade it took me over an hour to receive the sats because no payment path could be found... since then i pay the swap fee for on-chain payments

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I gotta get me some RoboSats.