I recently signed up to stacker news and thought I would share a project I kicked off many moons ago, but recently brought back to life with the Lightning Network.

It started in 2015 and was running happily until 2018 with on chain payments. The project died when the server had a hardware failure. Then end of last year I rediscovered BTCPay Server and integrated with that to support Lightning only payments.

It gets some love from time to time, but it's a fun learning experience to keep it running.

So on the odd occasion you need to send a fax, please think of Bitcoin Fax.


I used few times your bitcoinfax, back in 2016. Worked like a charm. Nice to see it back with LN!

Nice to see it up again. Now I have to find someone (hopefully a friend) who still uses fax machines.

Project of the week!

I wonder what Paul Krugman would think :)

Do you mean Bitcoin Fax's biggest influencer? He loves it ;0

It is a bit of an anachronism, but what the hell. It's useful, and that's what counts.

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No exaggeration -- this the best application of bitcoin/lightning I have seen yet. Super useful!

Very kind! I don't know if it's the best, but it makes sense.

Lightning really does shine for low-commitment, one time txs unsurprisingly.

Machine to machine payments are going to be huge for this reason.

https://describe.photo/ is excellent for similar reasons.

So cool ! I just sent the white paper to this number https://country.db.com/canada/?language_id=1&kid=canada.cs-en.hp It was worth every sat just to think about their faces when they receive it. Please do your part, there's still many offices to orange pill.

I hereby appoint you the official honourable title of Fax Troll :)

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Zone 1 and Zone 11 have the same price, €0,18.

Why not group them together?

This is a fair point. They should be grouped. I think there was a time zone 11 had a different price, thus making it a little special.

But now it doesn't make sense.

Just curious: are you putting yourself in risk by sending faxes that could be potentially illegal? As in, hypothetically, you send a fax to the White House threatening to kill the President.

Maybe? I'm happy to have it running and the odd person using it from time to time is a nice feeling.

I like your attitude :)


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Cool, but what year is it?

Not sure, but my mechanical watch is clogged full of sand.

Lots of banks and companies still require faxes unfortunately.

and police stations!

Many many industries still rely heavily on faxes.

sure... police also is an industry... of beating and stealing from people

never said it wasn't!

Pretty cool

But difficult to find someone with a fax machine

Works perfectly. Like a dummy I chose a 6 page fax to test with vs a 1 pager. Used BlueWallet to pay and it was quick fast. Definitely a winner here.


Thanks for trying it out !

Bookmarked! Thanks and have some sats

Wait, what?