OK, enough with these endless useless discussions about "WEFerium merge". We #BUILD, not debate useless shit.
So today I will not post the tip of the day in the daily discussion thread and will try to bring you some aspects to think about, in special for new bitcoin users.

Choosing the right BTC/LN wallet

We've seen many users that are stuck with using one or max two wallet apps and also choosing them for their features and NOT for the specific situation of use.

This is a wrong approach.

Choose your wallets based on your own usage and situation you encounter using your BTC. Some aspects to be taken in consideration:
  • There's no such thing as "best wallet" for everything. Remove this bias from your mind. Choose with your own knowledge, not because x and y told you so.
  • I would not "recommend" any wallet app in particular, but those that are open source and have a good reputation/history and respect the golden rule of Bitcoin: not your keys, not your bitcoins.
  • Stay away from "multicrapto" wallet apps. Are a fucking trap and usually are not open source! Bitcoin Only! You have been warned!
  • Use not just 1 or 2, but 3 or 5-6, each one will have its own moment to be used and take advantage of their best features for the case you need.
  • Learn more about each wallet app, to know them better and know in which case you could use the one that have the most appropiate features. Here I wrote 2 guides about BTC/LN wallets:
a. LN wallets comparison b. How to start with LN c. and many other guides about how to use wallets, submarine swaps, LN "Infrastructure Spending Machine"etc on my Substack blog, in English and Spanish

Think like a bank, not just be a bank...

A. HODL = your "central bank" with most of your stash, your reserve bank, barely moving it, onchain
B. CACHE = your "commercial bank" with medium size amounts, for redistributing to HODL and SPEND, onchain and LN, nodes channels etc
C. SPEND = your spending pockets, with small amounts, enough to cover your regular spending, LN, with funding source from your "CACHE bank".
  • Don't be too obsessed with "self custody only". If is non-KYC it could have advantages in some cases. Not all custodial is bad. Be obsessed with "self-custody-only" for your HODL wallets not the spending wallets. This is where many users make the mistake and do the opposite. You can easily have your own wallets on your own node, as a "funding source" for all these custodial wallets. Move small amounts (enough to cover your spending habits) to them and use them. If are non-KYC, you have almost nothing to worry about "privacy", sometimes is even better not to reveal your own private node when you receive, not talking also about spending from these wallets as a good front wall.
  • Each wallet app have its own technology implemented: some use directly nodes, some use electrum server, some will use neutrino, some use Tor, some use LND others Immortan or CLN, or both. Don't make the mistake of putting them all in the same situation/use case. Each implementation have its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on which situation you are.
  • We are still early into Bitcoin and LN development. So first, test, learn the functionalities of each app you use and if you can, help the developer(s) of the app to improve it, give them the right feedback, don't complain. They don't know all situations or devices you are using, so give them as much information you can and explain ALL steps you did if you have an issue. Try to collaborate and help to make it better. Once you know better the app, help other new users to use it. Devs usually are busy with coding and they get bored with people complaining all the time about same things (mostly because users do not read manuals, FAQs, do not investigate more how to use the app). Bother the dev only when is a real issue or bug, that the community couldn't help you too much or many other users encounter the same situation with no exit.
Excellent post! I'm personally having about 20 wallets on my phone. Orangepilled tons of people over the years and need the wallets to guide the less technical users.
One thing to the multi coin wallets that needs to be mentioned - the attack surface. A single coin (Bitcoin only) wallet contains much less code so any bug is easier to spot in the source. A multi coin wallet contains much more code - much larger chance for a bug to stay hidden.
Yeah great post! My approach at the start was indeed to find the one wallet for everything, but that would be too many features in one app, and that app does not exist. The good part of that mindset is that it made me try every single one I could find. After that I learned this approach you mention and I just selected the ones that had the best UI for me (and the festures I need of course). Still I am always looking for new ones.
This is good information for the beginner. I used 3 different Wallets and one of the 3 I need to hodl at least 1sats in the wallet. Also learning in the process of how the sending actually works. Thank you for the guide. Going onto the next. Have a good day. #Bitcoin
just to say, Alby is a eas-of-use browser-based LN wallet,
The A-B-C strategy is very interesting.
this is the typical reply from somebody that doesn't understand what is all about... and will never learn.
Darth, you convinced me. Muun still allowed me to manage my fees when sending out the btc but I still moved everything to my node and started using zeus. Zeus is still glitchy with my node, but I'm off Muun now.
I don't want to convince you of anything or using a specific app, than using the right wallet app for the right moment. And be a Bitcoin Master. Knowledge is power. That's all.
I find zeus a bit slow since my node is through tor. I just prefer using tor browser and access my lnd node from my phone. I use muun too but only for sending out, never hold, fees are kind of unpredictable. Breez is the one I use most, good UI, reasonable fees, non custodial. For extension testing many others: WOS, ZBD, heck even exodus.
The one I pass for now is blixt, too advanced for me rn, but damn it looks awesome!
Zeus works perfectly fine and faster if you use Tailscale VPN. No need to use Tor to connect to your own node. Are you going to spy yourself or what?
Really?, that would be awesome!, so with that vpn you can access an umbrel node without the need of TOR? I mean for example being outside of your node's local network.
thx for this guide !
What! This is awesome thanks! do you have lnaddress or somewhere where to send you some sats (onchain or ln)? Sending sats here is practical but only for a few IMO
And Blue wallet is fantastic on mobile.
using tailscale with zeus and umbrel is even better! No third party
You all are not tired every time about the same thing .. (somewhere in the last 5 years)🤦‍♂️