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Tip of the day

Simple opsec with SBW and hosted channels (HC)

  1. Setup on your home personal node or a friend node a server for hosted channels using @fiatjaf Poncho and Cliche. Or use any other HCP (hosted channel provider) available.
  2. Use to open a HC with your personal HC server, or many HCs.

Anytime you want to hide your sats from that HC, you just have to remove it from your channel list. Go to Lightning, swipe to the right the channel you want to hide and select remove.

Anytime you want it back, just scan again that HC node address and select "use HC". Done, the channel is back again and your sats in it. Funds are safu.

Nobody could see / know about that channel if is not there. This could be a simple opsec option at hand.

I know compass mining gets a lot of shit and rightfully so. But I just crossed a milestone mining through them. I wouldn’t recommend them but at the same time they are a bitcoin company and the service they provided allowed me to access mined sats.

So thank you compass mining

Improve your business/customer service and maybe someday I can feel comfortable suggesting your company to others who may wish to earn sats from mining.

Do you think you could have received more sats by just buying from an exchange? If not, how much more do you think you made through Compass versus buying spot?

Well the miners were purchased at the top of the market so it’s hard to say. You def have a lot much risk but I am tracking it the amount of BTC I would of got if I bought spot and the amount of BTC I can keep after expenses

I would *HAVE got

Do you even english

I do bro I do

Not your miner, not your hash.

True but tell that to the private keys hold.

That's true but you still have capital in that miner and if you're not hosting it, you run the risk of it being quite easily confiscated.

This is true. But it’s a risk I am willing to take. If it fails then so be it. But if it succeeds then I reap all the rewards

I migrated away from Gmail recently. Might not sound like much, but it was hard to do after using them for years (I originally got my Gmail invite from Google directly).

Same. Just de-googled with my personal domain, whch was grandfathered in so have had it for a decade at no charge. Google began monthly charges for the G-Suite service ($6/month per user), and I only use e-mail so I deleted the G-Suite account.

Am now using a catch-all e-mail forwarding from my domain registrar which forwards incoming mail to my personal e-mail (e.g., on Protonmail, or Tutanota) but now I want to figure out the best way to use multiple e-mail accounts for my domain again. Probably will be paying for that on Proton, eventually.

I gotta look into adding TOTP 2FA (e.g., Google Auth) on that though. It's something I think about, ... my e-mail app on mobile is now signed in all the time (because of the hassle logging back in just to check e-mail), but I know someone that swipes my phone then has access to my e-mail, which would be an even greater hassle. So I'm hoping I can get set up where the mobile app will require the 2FA code (and only the 2FA code) when the screen is locked, or after an inactivity delay. Not sure if it works that way, so will be looking into that.

Exported my old gmail to an .mbox, which I can import into a mail client (Evolution on LInux).

The Proton Mail app supports locking and unlocking with a PIN, if that helps.

Cool, I'll look into doing that.

Used Proton mail for over two years now and they just keep getting better. I've also used their Drive service but I'm hoping when release a mobile version I won't need anything else for data transfer.

What do you use now?

Proton Mail. I also have my own domain that I send through PM as well. So the good thing here is I didn't have to ask anyone to change how they email me, since everyone uses my custom domain email. Now I get a little added security benefit of no one knowing my PM account name.

1 sats \ 1 replies \ @Ge 21 Sep

Do your emails ever bounce my Proton linked to my own domain does :/ anyway to fix issue I can probably just Google but thought I'd ask STACKER NEWS FIRST ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I probably haven't been using it long enough to have this problem.

All morning, I doubled my firewood reserves. Good stash, I am prepared. Winter is coming.

10 sats \ 7 replies \ @ivan 21 Sep

If you are living in Europe you need to seriously consider if you are living in a place that is at risk for being nuked by Russia because they are not backing down and today they announced they will be drafting people for their military service. When this doesent work, the nukes are next. So the question is, where will they land? Its not possible to nuke all of Europe. But i think Paris and London are gone. It may happen early next year.

Noone else is going to tell you this.

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Nagasaki 70 years after nagasaki today

15 sats \ 2 replies \ @jp 21 Sep

Highly unlikely.

Chances are Putin will be overthrown before any of this remotely happens

And if he doesent? Because i think a big part of the problem is that Europe is like ah putins not serious, ah he will be gone next year, everything is fine, we are winning, everything will return to normal soon. that sort of thinking is why things will just keep escalating imo

10 sats \ 0 replies \ @jp 21 Sep

Internal conflict is not suppressed via an external nuclear war.

doesn't really matter though. lets say you life in a medium sized city (100k-500k) or even in a smaller town. even if only cities 500k+ are nuked you would die anyway since the fallout and the chaos would be catastrophic.

you are watching too much bullshit TV