Some observations:

  • is not loading content on chromium, just a blank page, even if I login. Maybe was my add blocker but I disable it and still not loading.
  • on Firefox is loading, I could see my profile and other posts
  • the posts should have some snippets / short description or excerpt from content. With just a title, people will not click and pay to read.

But is a nice initiative ! Good work.

I think you need to have Javascript enabled. I get a blank page if I disable Javascript.

Appreciate the feedback. Do want to give the author the abilty to provide a description or preview, might have to bump that in my priorities.

For the blank page, probably a React issue. What page were you on?

The link of your greetings is loading OK, but I clicked on browse and was empty. I clicked login, I login with alby but then blank page. I did the same steps in firefox and was all ok.

Interesting, I use Brave and haven't seen that issue on the Browse page, but I'll look into it. Thank you

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Looks interesting!

One small nit: it feels odd requiring login to view an article, why not let anonymous users pay an invoice to view the article instead? Yalls does this already.

The main consideration is protecting the rating system from spam since there is no cost to an author buying their own article. So my initial plan was to require users to be logged in and then eventually have people pay for user accounts.

An alternative would be charging authors a percentage of their income to make this costly. This approach would also allow guest users to access content. The down side of this would be charging big content producers more, which I'd like to ideally avoid

Looks super cool. However when I try to buy the article it says there isn't enough inbound capacity and I can't get the payment to go through, FYI

Added inbound liquidity. Let me know if the issue persists

I tried from the same wallet I originally used and got the same error.

Tried from another wallet and it was unable to find a route!

I only have a single channel attached to the node currently. I imagine the fees are too high over that route. I'm going to add connectivity and hopefully that addresses the issue

Cool. Let us know when you do and I'll give it a try. Nice stuff though!

Added a couple more channels with inbound liquidity. Let me know if you still see the issue.

There service does have inbound liquidity. I think it may be the source wallet can't find a route. I'm going to open another channel and see if that fixes it.

Very promising. Nice work

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Nice work! Great to see what you're building.

Signed up and I'll give it a whirl for sure!