Nice work ! I don't have (yet) questions for you, but I wanted to let you know: I shared massively this latest Solitaire launch to all my friends that I know they love playing games and they have kids. And some of them are still nocoiners :) Will see how they are onboarding.
Hi DarthCoin, this is Tim, Game Tech Lead here at THNDR.
Thank you so much for sharing our new game with your family and friends! It's one of our missions here at THNDR to bring bitcoin to the world. We actively try and find new ways to onboard as many nocoiners as we can, and make it as easy as possible to transition them to bitcoiners. It's such an exciting time!
Please, if you have any followup questions let us know here, or you can often find us in our Discord.
Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much we appreciate it :)
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I love games, I was many years a passionate gamer. But with age (I am 50+) my eyes are not anymore what were before. So playing games on mobile or desktop it hurts me. I try to limit my computer use with several breaks now (trying to help as many nocoiners I can with my guides and support).
So no, unfortunately I cannot play Thunder games, I really wish I could. But hey, I have many friends with kids and they enjoy Thunder!
This is the way!
Great Darth!! This is why we made this Solitaire for! Happy to see this message from you. Let us know how the onboarding goes.
¡Abrazos, hombre!