Stacker News takes user privacy seriously. This document highlights the privacy-enhancing features we offer, the data we store, and the limited and anonymous data we share for analytics.

Privacy-Enhancing Features

To help you maintain your privacy on Stacker News, we offer the following features:
Log In with Lightning
This is the most private way to use Stacker News. This feature allows anyone to create a Stacker News account and log in by signing a message with any LNURL-auth enabled Lightning wallet.
If you choose to log in with Lightning, Stacker News cannot see any information about your Lightning node pubkey.
Accessibility via Tor
To access the site over Tor, visit the following address:
Lightning Network Deposits and Withdrawals
Lightning deposits and withdrawals allow you to move money to and from Stacker News without making an on-chain Bitcoin transaction.
When you deposit sats on Stacker News, the only data Stacker News stores is the money you’ve received. When you withdraw sats from Stacker News, the corresponding bolt11 invoice is stored. Importantly, bolt11 invoices reveal the receiving node’s pubkey.
Lightning offers a more private method of making Bitcoin payments than on-chain Bitcoin payments, which are visible to anyone with a Bitcoin node.
On Stacker News you can set any username you want, and you can change your username at any time. Stacker News does not maintain a list of your past usernames.

Data We Store

If you opt-in to our weekly newsletter or choose to login via email, we store your email address on our self-hosted email server. Your email address is not shared with anyone else or used for promotional purposes.
If you choose to login with Github or Twitter, we store your username from those apps.
In either case, your Stacker News username will be set to your Github or Twitter username by default, but you can change your Stacker News username at any time.
The only other data stored from your Github or Twitter account is a corresponding unique ID (different from your username) so you can log back in to Stacker News after logging out.
Stacker News stores Lightning Network invoices when you choose to withdraw funds, and all transactions made within the Stacker News platform.

Data We Don’t Store

Stacker News does not store the account pseudonyms you’ve used in the past.
Stacker News does not store your email address if:
  • You are not signed up for our newsletter, and
  • You created your account by logging in with Twitter, Github, or Lightning
If you log in with Twitter, Twitter’s API gives Stacker News access to the email address linked to your Twitter account, but Stacker News does not store it.
Stacker News does not store any user IP addresses.

Data We Share

Stacker News uses Plausible to share anonymized public-facing analytics data. To learn more about Plausible’s privacy policy, click here.
When can se access SN over I2P?
Tor is lately unusable.
^ this
any news on that @k00b? I know it's not easy but just want to remind you that there is interest
When I login to the TOR site using lighting, I'm initially forwarded back to the clear-net site. I'm thinking this might be a bug?
It's a bug that's been tricky to fix given my auth system.
Same issue, no way to login via TOR.
Go to onion Site > Login > Email sent > Click button > back to clear net.
We were discussing this yesterday. We need to deploy another set of servers just for tor to fix this
Hopefully a cheaper solution presents itself during implementation. Even if i could just copy and paste a tor version of the forward link that would be awesome, but i'm aware Tor is it's own infrastructure set up for serving.
Got around to it eh? Thanks! Keep up the great work on the site!
👏 love the transparency
you guys always think one step ahead of our age, “Stacker News does not store any user IP addresses.”
It's quite a good framework. I love the transparency.
If I deposit sats into my Stacker News wallet, where are those stats actually stored? Is there a unique wallet tied to my SN account...or are they held in some sort of collective/shared wallet? Just trying to understand what's happening behind the scenes. Thanks!
The latter. We multiplex user "wallets" on top of one node using a DB for accounting.
If you change your username, google still shows your old indexed username on your posts/comments, anyone can figure out the new username from the account just from a simple google search of the old username.
Is there any possible fix for this @k00b ? It's a major privacy flaw.
I can't control the data google stores directly. I might be able to leave them hints to not store it, but I can't guarantee they won't.
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Thanks for this
I'm truly impressed. ♥️
Thanks for posting this. I didn't know I could access SN via Tor.
love to see it 🚀🚀